Dr.K.Soundarya is an Art enthusiastic as well as the epitome of an example of a self-build Leader – Entrepreneur in her career life. She is called as Healer for her extraordinary work in healing many people in her fieldwork of counselling & therapy & she is also called as 김용수대 by some of her Korean colleagues as that is her Korean name, after moving to South Korea in 2012. She is the founder of Healer’s Foundation, which supports abandoned LGBTQ+ people & underprivileged girls’ education and provides free counselling around the world for the same. She is an active LGBTQ+ activist as well as she is an ambassador for One Tree Planted nonprofit organization, My Sister’s Place, Voluntary Agency Network of Korea, Community Chest of Korea, and Kawa an animal welfare association.

 Soundarya finished her MBBS at Bharath University, India & travelled to study Master of Philosophy in Medical Science in (Psychiatry); and Sociology in (The Sociology of Media and Culture); and Education in (Arts, Creativity & Education) at Cambridge University, London, England, making it three master degrees in Master of Philosophies. Followed by this she moved to Los Angles, US and finished her Diploma in Life Coaching at International Career Institute Los Angeles, US. Her thirst for growing her knowledge has not stopped here, therefore she finished her Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology; and Masters in Aesthetics at Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea, and following that she studied English & American Media Culture at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. Meanwhile, her love for learning about Intercultural differences & their culture’s history has made her study different languages such as C2 Advanced in French; and KLAT Advanced in Korean Hangul; and HSK6 in Mandarin Chinese; and JLPT N2 level in Japanese; and C2 Mastery proficiency in Spanish; and lower intermediate (A2) in Russian Languages. Currently, she is a successful woman with multi-face in her career personality, as a Psychiatrist, a Personal Professor, a Freelance Journalist, a Writer, a Reviewer, a Podcaster, English Communication & Soft skills trainer, Pageant Consultant & Personality development & Etiquette & Holistic Coach and a Real Estate Entrepreneur. Today, she is a part of Poetry communities such as Literature of Hangul, Sijo club of Poets, Poetic Musings, Seoul together We Rhyme, & Poetry for the Soul, She has written 14 books. She has been called as a guest in various schools and centres to do motivational speeches on cultural understanding and self-acceptance & confidence. She also participated in 12 podcasts by South Korea welfare at Soul to Seoul Podcast on various topics such as Living in South Korea as a foreigner to a citizen, Polyglots life, Learning a new language and its difficulty, the Dark Side of Seoul lifestyle and its pressure of flexing culture, K-pop Life & it’s growth worldwide with helping the growing tourism. Predominantly, she is a Psychiatrist, Etiquette & Career Alignment skills coach in spell bonding leading industry in South Korea, as well as works as a Guest Lecturer in top universities in Seoul such as Seoul National University, Global Cyber University, Sejong University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies & Hanyang Cyber University, also worked in Bangkok University when she was in Thailand for a year while pursuing LGBTQ+ research.

Healer’s passion for art and entertainment has grown into supporting & enhancing & grooming people in multimedia as she was trained professional in Los Angeles in entertainment & media counselling & still learns more in Seoul with her work experience. As an Art enthusiastic, in addition being a creative person, she loves experimenting new things as trying lot of hobbies and changing it seasonally in her life. However her enrichment hobbies are photography, watching films and reading various genres of books as well as novels. A career in the entertainment industry, she provides emotional & Aid wellness for the artists & actors in the industry & educates many of them to support, foster & redesign their mental & emotional health, & mounting their confidence personally and professionally by ensuring the confidentiality in her mind as for the vigour and vitality support of artists who entertain millions.

Soundarya is South Korea’s leading specialist in providing Counselling in Performance Welfare, Artist Intimacy development Coordination & cooperation On-Set & Off-Set to understand the concept and educate them, & is a highly qualified performance coach & most trusted counselling Artist specialist. Her style of communication & On-Set Welfare for artist, is respectful & she follows diversity & inclusion of best practices keeping their confidentiality in the first place well understanding Western and Asian-Korean media culture. Healer’s mastery in understanding artists, actors & their acting methods, & shaping their performances are comprehensive. Her expert guidance for artists to discover their most honest performances through holistic, engaged coaching. Her deep understanding of acting, art crafts, artist & acting & art psychology is world-class, with respectful and holistic testimonials from leading actors, K-pop artists and a network of producers & directors which helps them to feel empowered in professionally & personally. Healer teaches artists how to be ‘job fit’ in and out. Her empathic, understanding and respectful care for artists supports them in the integrated challenges of their work and personal life. Healer’s network of associates forms a complete working etiquette with professionalism & mental health care team for artists in production companies to provide on and off set-based support. She provides social & business Etiquette instruction & image consulting as well as personal brand development in entertainment industry. Healer supports actors, artists & performers to engage in positive routines as well as coping mechanisms to build career & on-set resilience. Vulnerability sits at the core of an artist’s craft while resilience sits as a necessity for their careers. Her excellent proficiency helps artists confront issues of confidence, performance anxiety, & emotional & mental health barriers to enable performers to feel professionally as well as personally empowered. She extends her aid by sharing the knowledge in both personal & professional production-based counselling & support. She imparts the technique of speaking eloquently, even in awkward situations, to assist their communications when meeting and talking with people & open their opportunities. As a Modern Etiquette Coach and Cultural Awareness Specialist, where she studied and worked in both Asian and Western countries, such as India, England, United States of America, South Korea, Thailand, and officially travelled to 77 & more countries & her interest in learning foreign languages and has learned 11 languages as for now. Through her workshops, & speaking engagements, she provides expert etiquette advice for successfully & confidently navigating modern life situations according to the culture-based from company business meetings to everyday social occasions around the world. Her approach to etiquette is unique in that, she has expertly updated modern, traditional, business marketing technique etiquette advice to apply specifically to today’s contemporary society. She covers great routes in how body language act, to our different brain plasticity to our language and culture. She is specialized in personal and professional decorum. She explains core classic Etiquette and is an Elegance advisor as well as a Deportment coach. With her professionalism in international public relations experience on a global VIP clients developed unique insight and skills in all aspects of cross-cultural communications, protocol, and cultural sensitivity are essential components for one’s personal and professional that will help to build the confidence they need to be successful.

 Healer understands & provides:

  • The psychology of screen characters & narratives, scripted or unscripted as well as Mental health behaviours of Artists and advisory for unscripted or factual formats using non-actors.
  • Understands the psychology of clients and provides the specific solution.
  • Guide to numerous industrial people with personal branding skills and ideas on public image.
  • Discovering the secrets to balancing their own image with the intention to empower their self-confidence.
  • She understands client’s audience expectations & emotions by psychologically exhibiting to the respective client and guides them in the perspective path.
  • Artist, actor & actress Welfare considering a contract for under the company rules.
  • Career Support by Etiquette and Deportment Consulting.
  • English Communication & Soft skills.
  • Multi-languages communication and understanding translation.
  • Public Personality development & Holistic Coach.
  • Fame and audience stressors.
  • Personal Branding and Elegant & Intentional Style for company / or to start a solo career under the company or by own production.
  • Speak with Confidence & eloquence and to bond with public.
  • Personal, Relational, or Career issues.
  • Work-related Mental Health stressors.
  • Fatigue, Depression, or Anxiety on and off work.
  • Content of performance of sexual diversity and LGBTQ+
  • Assessing scripts for audience mental health or trauma triggers for art works.
  • Sexual, nude, physical, psychological or violent performance, contract advisory for actors or producers, production behaviour guidelines, & safety for casts & crews.
  • Advisory for trauma, PTSD, domestic violence, mental & spectrum conditions, diversity of sexual/gender/cultural or relational content.
  • Private or production-based counselling, mediation, welfare consultancy, or education with Confidentiality ensured.
  • Personal or career mental health counselling with family and company.
  • Etiquette and Deportment Consulting for personal and set based.
  • 5-Star Hospitality Employee Training.
  • Elocution and Sophisticated Speech Training.
  • Creative, Scene performance, Production and workplace mental health support & counselling.
  • Head of Department and artist communication wellbeing training.
  • Production welfare support, communication and mediation.
  • Actor and on & off setup skill & well-being education supervision.
  • Role & Artist Coaching.
  • Motivation or Career Management.
  • Creative Blocks.
  • Bullying, Discrimination, or Sexual Harassment (#Metoo).
  • Diversity, Feminist, or LGBTQ+ challenges.
  • Self-esteem, Confidence, or Body Image issues.
  • Performance Deregulation & Poor Habits or Negative.
  • Resilience, Vulnerability & Patterns Performance.
  • On-set Mental health First Aid Support.
  • Wellness & Behaviour Education (casts & crews). 

A clear foster plan for all mentioned in a professional and respectful and with full confidentiality with inclusive work impacts by mental health. Her eye for detail and impressive service delivers the highest level of support in the work field shaping artists, actors & performers into dedicating their passionate work of art and emotions into excellence. 

Contact for Work

Dr. K. Soundarya

Psychiatrist & Entrepreneur based in Seoul,KR

Heal. Live. Peace. Love