Why you may need a life coach (if you’re not willing to go to a classic psychiatrist or psychologist)

A life coach is now a form of professional help that is gaining more and more successful year after year, thanks to the results that are obtained, often surprisingly fast and directly effective. The question most often asked of my new clients, especially those hearing about life coaching for the first time, is: what is the difference between a life coach and a psychologist? Often accompanied by another question, which serves to support the first: what kind of psychological studies has a life coach completed? We have partially addressed here the founding philosophy of life coaching. Let us now try to give some clear answers to these questions, which are more closely related to the difference with the profession of the psychologist. Let’s go by points.

  • The psychologist is above all an expert in psychic problems. The most typical case to turn to the expertise of a psychologist or a psychotherapist is when we feel we have a psychological problem to solve, in the same way, that if we know we have a physical problem we go to the doctor. It is true that a good psychologist is also a wellness expert and, if he can correctly identify the client’s need, he is able to adopt the principles of positive psychology in the same way as a good coach. In any case, the concept is precisely this: often the reason why we are experiencing a situation of discomfort does not lie in a psychic problem, but perhaps the difficulties we are experiencing are due to something different: it could be an awareness to be achieved, a motivation to be rediscovered, a practical goal to identify and achieve or perhaps an emotion to be understood correctly. In these cases, a life coach can be particularly effective. Because…
  • The life coach is an expert in self-efficacy, fulfilment and personal growth: in a journey with a life coach, you will not go looking for problems to be solved. We will immediately move on to define a precise and practical goal to get better, starting from the difficulty that is perceived at the start. In the process of approaching the goal, practical, progressive steps towards the goal of well-being are defined. Any blockages or difficulties that arise from the current situation to the desired one will be treated as an obstacle to our well-being and we will try to solve it together. The obstacle could be a missing awareness, a blocking emotion, a dysfunctional belief. But it is assumed that the obstacle is always solvable and the goal of well-being can be reached in a certain time, even a short one.

Life coaching: what it is and how it works

The life coach points directly to a wellness goal: the life coach immediately defines together with the client (called coachee) what he wants to accomplish in practical terms to get better and to prove to himself that he is overcoming the difficulty for which he needs help. It is a path that strongly focuses on practical improvements and concrete evidence of well-being acquired, right from the start. We do not waste a single moment looking for a possible problem, because we start from the assumption that there is no problem of a psychic nature. There may be obstacles or small blocks to complete personal fulfilment, of course, but those are treated for what are, in fact, slowdowns in reaching the goal. The goal is to feel good, and it is within the reach of all of us, without necessarily looking for problems to be solved.

  • The life coach is a professional recognized by the law, with a specific course of study behind him: the law n. 4 of 2013 recognizes the professions not organized in registers or colleges and among these regulates the figure of the life coach. The life coach underwent a course of specialized studies on the coaching method (recognized and consolidated internationally), on positive psychology, on self-realization, on motivation and personal efficacy, theoretical help practices and developed by psychological sciences starting from the second half of the twentieth century. It is not a degree path like that of the psychologist, rather studies are more focused on practices to realize ourselves directly and quickly as individuals. We are therefore talking about an experienced professional, not a generic form of help without skills.

Over time, I have found more and more often that as a life coach I can be an effective aid in personal growth and fulfilment as individuals, and it is my own clients who say it. With my coaching, we will aim from the very first day to get better, and every day we will try to take a practical and measurable step forward compared to the day before, feeling better right away.

What I always say to my clients is: ” if you convince me that you have psychological problems, I am the first to suggest you to go to the psychologist”, and this normally acts as the first motivation to get out of difficulties, strong in the awareness of having the right energy and no structural blocks. If you too think you are in difficulty but are a normal individual, without psychological problems, contact me and let’s find out together how to find the energy and how to define the practical steps to get better.