Then She Was Gone

The book is like a combo platter. It will give you goosebumps, and make you turn to the next page even though you have other stuff to do, but mainly it will make you sad. Sad for the victims and for the culprit. Somewhere, while reading this book, I realised how bad parenting can really screw up kids in unimaginable ways. And by bad parenting, I don’t mean physically abusing your kid. It’s so much more than that. From unintentionally comparing siblings, abandoning them, and not loving them enough for them to learn how to love themselves. Parents teach kids how to study so that they can be financially independent, eat, bathe and dress up on their own. But most forget to teach them how they should learn to love themselves, cope with heartbreak, how to not overstay their welcome. And not teaching these lessons later on ruins some more innocent lives as aftermath.