The Third Party

Humans with the god living hearts can only adopt a stranger’s [God’s] child…

I got sucked into watching this film when I kept seeing the commercials during my visit to the Philippines. I was pleasantly surprised. Filipino cinema tends to be cliched with love teams and poorly written scripts, but The Third Party surprised me a lot. Kudos to the producers, writers, director, and actors for tackling a story that shows LGBTQ characters with depth and ones we should laugh along with rather than laugh at. Zanjoe Marudo is phenomenal in this film and challenges that effeminate gay man stereotype. The side story with Andi and her absent mother was played beautifully by Angel Locsin and ends up being a tearjerker later on in the film. This movie really does explore love, sacrifice, and realization in all its forms – there is surely something that any audience member will find themselves relating to.

Simply melancholic the way two gays hugged and cuddled her was purely magical love.