The Soul

The colours of the film really touched my soul. Great work. I am so happy. Director of photography – Karthick Vijay, ISC – so proud of you bro, it’s not easy to get inside the entertainment field in China.

The film opens to a crime scene at a luxurious house. The police discovers that CEO Wang Shi-Cong, founder of a corporation developing futuristic cancer treatments, has been brutally murdered. His wife, Li Yan, was holding the murder weapon. We cut to a hospital where Ah-Bao, a detective, is having an ultrasound, her baby is 7 weeks old. She is accompanied by her husband Liang Wen-Chao, who is a prosecutor. In the next scene, we learn Liang has cancer which is spreading and resisting treatment. The doctor advises them to consider RNA restoration technology.

Ah-Bao is assigned to the case of CEO Wang while Liang becomes the prosecutor. During interrogation, Li Yan reveals that she witnessed the murder and it was actually Wang Tian-You, the son, who did it. Doctor Wan also believes that the son murdered his father because he had been disinherited. The maid reveals that Wang’s first wife, Tang Su-Zhen, was diagnosed with depression, due to Wang’s indifference after the birth of their son and his infidelity. Tang eventually commits suicide. Before she died, she put a curse on her husband.

I already read the “Transfer Soul” novel by Jiang Bo which is the film is based on. The ending was amazing I really loved it.