The GodFather Part – 1

I wish to give 1000 stars. Epic movie! I have always loved movies about the mafia and the underworld. This movie is the rarest diamond of all. Extremely interesting, enticing, and thought-provoking. What else can be the benchmark for the cinema industry! Oh my god, this movie calms you, makes you feel joy, makes you think of sensible uber class dealing with organized crime, way of handling situations like gameplay, astounding personality representation, makes your heart pound faster, your pulse rate, sweat, and relief. The way this movie presents the reason for the existence of the mafia world, the beginning of it, the balance, the fall everything just is so heart-touching. Unbelievable. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful movie experience. It’s tremendous work done. This movie depicts sincere work with lots of love. No one can bring out such an epic movie, even if paid a billion dollars each. I will definitely re-watch it.