South Korea has a higher suicide rate than the United States

In 2019, there were 10 gun-related deaths in South Korea total (suicide and homicide). Most recent data in the United States put their people around 6 gun-related homicides per 100,000 people. That’s about 18,000 dead people a year in the United States due to gun violence against another person.

Quit with mental health narrative. Other countries suffer with the same mental health problems, but US is the only one that makes a hobby of shooting up schools.

I live in South Korea where guns are illegal, etc. and although knives and stuff are readily accessible, they don’t do half the sh*t folks in America do!!! the most you’ll see is a fight! abs they’re ALL about a class over here! if you don’t receive 1/6 major jobs here you literally have to move town.

Mental health is absolutely real however that shouldn’t be the first thing talked about in these cases. these folks are doing these things because they can!

If mental health is what causes these things, it would happen in other country’s at the rate it is happening here. statistically speaking Asians are the smartest on the planet. why wouldn’t they be making homemade bombs or stàâbbing people or shooting at the police? mental health isn’t just boxed to America YET it’s only in America where this KEEPS happening!