Singing in the rain

“Singing in the Rain” is that rare exception. It has a good plot and more importantly, biting, even caustic, humour. It has a refreshingly unromantic view of Hollywood, even while being romantic. I like the honesty about how people in the movies may hate each other and still have to do torrid love scenes together. I love how the blonde bombshell (Hagen) isn’t as sweet and nice as the plain brunette Kathy Selden. There’s a nice message in this-that beautiful people may have a rotten heart.

It’s incredibly funny and could have worked just as well without music. The fact that all the music and dancing are spot-on is just icing on the cake. This mix of the sentimental and unsentimental, honesty with the fake, is what makes “Singing in the Rain” so entertaining today and not dated, unlike other more sugar-coated, sentimental MGM musicals. I really loved the charisma of every character, the goofy humour of the 50s, and the amazing musical scenes. Let’s not forget about the main plot that works so well with the themes of the movie. It’s extremely well written and stays consistent for the entire runtime, I can’t believe that most movies nowadays don’t even measure up to it. Singing in the rain won me over so well. Absolute masterpiece.