The whole film was not interesting and kinda funny, but… did she marry herself or the witch? I love the way she narrated this dialogue – “How long do I have to be dependent?”. Split personalities do not give you skin changes thou! The message is very deep at the end. He can’t marry her, and he cannot marry her without asking her, it connects to this theme on awareness of forced marriages,  and loving yourself also women don’t need men always both themes are clearly tied together at the ending scene where Roohi looks in the bike mirror and smiles at herself… I feel the witch can be a representation of a part she hates about herself but threw stuff she accepts herself and embraces the very part she hated, she also did not turn around for the boy but turned around for herself because she knew she does not need him, she is fine on her own. In another way also Succubus always doesn’t need a man! Love yourself. Accept yourself. Embrace yourself.