Professional Etiquette Rules Every Person Should Follow

Why is etiquette important? Those people who don’t follow the business etiquette frequently make a poor impression severely decreasing their chances for success. The smallest problems can be harmful and damage your career. Therefore, that’s critical that you understand at least the basics of professional and office etiquette. It’s not only the way you behave and speak but also the way you introduce yourself, dress up, follow the policies of the company and even eat. Ready to find out more? Let’s get started.

  1. Say Your Full Name

As to work etiqutte, any deal starts with an introduction. You present your project and company to potential customers, but at first, you introduce yourself. Say your full name before extending a hand. The proper introduction has many benefits; you sound more professional, people remember and recognize you quite often. Thus, you add value to your status in a very easy way.

  1. Shake Hands Appropriately

It’s time to shake hands once your partner knows who you are. A handshake is a symbol of friendship and professional etiquette. If you’re the host or the higher-ranking person, regardless of gender, extend your hand first. Mind that it’s not the greetings only, but also the gesture that demonstrates your confidence level. Try to avoid the following:

  • Too Long/ Too Short Handshake – Don’t make it extremely long or short. Three or four seconds is enough. Look at the person, smile and take your hand away.
  • Forceful Grip – Hold on! It’s not a show of physical strength. The handshake must leave a pleasant impression.
  • Limp Handshake – In the past, men were taught they should use a gentler handshake with women, while women were taught that too firm handshake was masculine. Forget “lady fingers” and always extend the partner your full hand. A limp or “fish” handshake is a bad idea for both genders today.
  1. Take Care of Your Outfit

This can’t be stressed enough. Your attire creates a big impression! That’s the first thing people notice when meet you in or outside the office. What should you do? First, check out what the dress code is at the event, business meetup, or restaurant you’re planning to attend. Second, make sure your garb falls within those guidelines. Avoid wearing sloppy and inappropriate clothing in the office. Wear what you find comfortable and what fits you best. Try to stick to classic or casual classic style.

  1. Notice that even Twitter Etiquette Exist

We live in the world where a single social media post may trigger off plenty of troubles. Be aware of what content you publish to avoid any misunderstandings with your boss and partners. Add value to your tweets, think of what your audience enjoys reading. Don’t drag Twitter into those days when people used the platform to share what they had for breakfast. Share your opinion and knowledge, retweet interesting news regarding your occupation.

  1. Send Separate “Thank You” Notes

It’s advisable to follow up a meetup or a job interview with a small note to express your gratitude or interest. Send those thank-you notes within 24 hours. However, if you write it after the event, do it separately for every person. If you can’t decide between e-mail or the handwritten note, consider that the handwritten one may arrive in a couple of days. In some situations like a job interview, it might be decisive.

  1. Don’t Pull out Someone’s Chair

Business environment is a place where we should forget about gender rules of etiquette sometimes. Both men and women are able to pull out the chair for themselves and should do it. When you enter the office or come to the dinner, take your place not disturbing others.

  1. Show Your Professionalism in the Workplace

Many employees are confused when it comes to workplace ethics. “Can I enter someone’s office if the deal is urgent?” “Can I borrow somebody’s cup if mine has disappeared?” “How should I behave in the team?” First, never barge into someone’s place with little warning. Remember that your boss and colleagues have the door closed for a reason. Always knock before coming in. The list of good manners of corporate etiquette also include:

Don’t Criticize and Gossip – Making fun of someone or running down your colleagues is a horrible manner. If you find something amusing or wrong, don’t add negative context to your comment. Speak your mind in a polite way. Usually, there’s a “gossip girl” in every team. Save your time and energy ignoring any gossips you hear. Believe only proved facts and be honest yourself. That’s one the best ways to get respect at work.

Follow Office Rules –  Almost every company has its own policies. Familiarize with them and follow. It’s going to make you a king of workplace etiquette because workers rarely pay enough attention to those rules. It’s especially important when considering open office etiquette.

  1. Stop Crossing Your Legs

We frequently see people sitting with their legs crossed, and posture relaxed. There’s nothing wrong with it, actually, until it comes to the business environment. At business events, it may be distracting and inappropriate. Try to avoid it if possible.

  1. Follow the Rules of Proper Dinner Etiquette

Conducting business over the meal is an old strategy to get to know business partners better. How you behave before, during and after the dinner tells your host a lot about your personality, manners, social awareness, and professionalism. Have a look at the following guidelines to find out more.

Grab a Snack Ahead of Time – It’s much harder to control your behavior and manners when your stomach is rumbling louder than music. You shouldn’t be starving. Have a snack before to feel more confident.

Staff Your Bag Under the Chair – It’s always problematic to find the right place for your briefcase, phone, sunglasses, and clothes. Put small units in the bag and store it under the chair. Never place something on the table regardless of how small it is! Find a coat hook for clothes or place it over the back of your chair.

Wait to Sit – Remain standing until the host, most senior or oldest person has taken their sits. Be polite and don’t rush.

Be Familiar with Placement Settings – Usually, you’ll be dealing with folk, plates, and spoons. However, if the dinner is fancy, check out if you’re familiar with the placement settings.

  1. Turn off the Phone

Our phone is the most distracting thing ever. Try to avoid answering the calls during a meeting. If the calls are important for your business, ask your assistant to take that responsibility and response or just turn on a voicemail to call back later. The point is that you must be interested in live networking and make the most of it.

Finally, remember that a person with bad manners has small chances for success. Unspoken rules of society matter when it comes to recognition, promotion or business development. Make sure your behavior and appearance contribute to your status in a very profound way.