Monsters Inside – The 24 faces of Billy Milligan

So far according to his doctors, severe physical and sexual abuse inflicted on Billy in childhood by his stepfather Chalmer Milligan caused his personality to splinter into 10 and then later into 24 separate personalities that had little knowledge of the actions of the other. While Billy Milligan is a sympathetic example of how trauma and mental illness are intrinsically connected, the failure of this documentary to give a meaningful voice to his victims is inexcusable.

Fascinating story, to be sure, but I kept wondering why all of the figures in it kept glossing over (even at times seeming to joke about) his heinous crimes against women. These stories perpetuate a culture that is more concerned with the psychology of violent men than the impact they have on the people they hurt. This series centers on the struggle of a violent, albeit ill, man diminishing the harm he caused to his victims and their communities.

I started watching and couldn’t stop until the end. As a psychiatrist was so interested in knowing more about his disorders but it was all bits and pieces. The story is interesting but very poorly told and directed as it was, they dragged it out way too long with the few bits of footage they had. Also, it was all over the place in the editing and so repetitive that it became a bad documentary. But I would recommend it if you are interested in abnormal psychiatry and such themes documentaries.