Improve Your Soft Skills by Baby Steps

Like anything else, soft skills can be learned. The importance of soft skills training cannot be stressed enough. The interpersonal skills you gain throughout life will not only equip you to excel in your professional life, but also in your personal life. Here are three simple ways to improve your soft skills:

  1. Take communication skills courses—Soft skills training courses are mixing technology with areas such as effective written/verbal communication, teamwork, cultural understanding, and psychology. For example, there are speech classes, writing classes to boost your communication skills. Look for conflict resolution or “leadership skill” courses either online or at your local community college.
  2. Seek mentors—Mentors is another form of teamwork training. Approach potential mentors with the specific skills set you wish to learn from in a friendly, professional way. Ask them which effective soft skills got them ahead in their careers. Compliment that person with a specific example in which you’ve seen him or her practice that skill.
  3. Volunteer—Brush up on many essential skills through volunteering (i.e. teamwork, decision-making strategies, management, communication skills, reporting, writing, public speaking etc.) Not only are you communication skills training, but a high profile volunteer work on your resume provides you with an opportunity to explain the knowledge and skills acquired to your potential employer.