How to react emotionally to injustices and unexpected events

Life doesn’t always go the way we want it to. The unpredictability of events is an integral part of being in the world and knowing how to manage them is a determining factor that distinguishes successful people from those who give up easily. Overcoming difficulties and injustices is an important sign of determination and resilience and is proof of high emotional intelligence. Yes, because going beyond an injustice or an unexpected event is not just a matter of cold planning of the next steps or of rational analysis of the facts: it means first of all knowing how to manage our emotions appropriately.

Receiving and making good use of the emotions we feel in the face of life events is the most effective measure of our personal success. It is now common ground that our success in life is not given by coldly scientific factors such as the IQ, but is influenced in a dominant way by our emotional intelligence: the ability not to succumb in the face of emotions is what allows us not to give up when we feel frustrated or sad, to move on and not forget our medium and long-term goals. It allows us to be constant and effective in the face of adversity. And unlike logical intelligence, emotional intelligence is much easier to train and increase with experience,

A life coach is first of all an expert in the balanced management of emotions. If you feel you are in a negative moment and you feel overwhelmed by emotions, feel free to contact me: by talking about it together I can help you get out of the quagmire and resume walking your life at the right place.

In the meantime, let’s see together a couple of effective tips of general validity for dealing with injustices and unexpected events.

When we experience an unpleasant event that has a negative and unfair effect on us, there are two main emotions that it is natural to have:

  • Sadness: It is natural to be sad if someone does us wrong or if the fortuitous events of life hinder the achievement of our goals. We have dealt with sadness extensively in this article:  it is the emotion that allows us to focus on ourselves, redo the situation and regain control and our self-esteem, temporarily putting ourselves “on pause” to better listen to what we have inside. Faced with an injustice, for example, it can serve to understand if we may have been the direct or indirect cause of it and if there is something that we can change in us to prevent it from happening again.
  • Anger: Being treated unfairly makes us angry, it is completely natural. As we have seen in this other article, anger is a normal emotion for our functioning and, if managed correctly, it is useful to get us out of moments of difficulty. Anger gives us the energy to take action, the determination to change things, if necessary to rebel. It is the driving force to move from the current situation to a new one, with the aim of fixing the things that have not worked.

So how to react when we suffer an injustice or run into an unexpected event that we do not deserve? The secret is to allow both of the above emotions, sadness and anger, to coexist in the right balance within us, because we will need both. If we let sadness expand without limits and leave no room for anger, we will end up approaching depression and will not have the strength to get out of it on our own. If we let anger explode and don’t allow sadness to stop and listen carefully, we will rush into action and the reaction will not be effective.

If, on the other hand, we alternate anger and sadness in a balanced way, we will be able to take the best of both: thanks to sadness we will have time to understand what we want and what we can change in us to get closer to our goal, while from anger we will take the necessary energy to get out. from the shell at the right time and return to fight. The most important thing is to be balanced: to recognize each of the emotions we feel, accept them without severity and allow them to exist within us to the extent that it can make our action effective. Excesses are always dangerous, balance is what determines our success.

When you feel you need to find emotional balance and rationally establish the next things to do to move forward, a good life coach is the ideal help to give you an edge. Feel free to contact me in moments of impasse and we will come out together.