I really loved this film so much, that I was carried away with the plot… Netflix PRIDE…

I’m touched, this movie gave me a lot of emotions. Gay is not bad, it will be bad if you think it’s bad. LGBT community has the right to live, the permission to stand up, to say, to speak out loud “I’m gay, I’m lesbian,… and I’m proud of myself!”

This is just so beautiful, a story about how easy and comfortable it would be if society treated everything with the same amount of respect and acceptance. Really, love wins always, whether it’s straight or gay, it doesn’t and shouldn’t matter. Because love is more than just gender, it’s happiness, comfort, support and most importantly- a bond.

This movie was so amazing. I love how they portrayed the same-sex couple having to go through challenges to raise a child. It is not easy, especially when society is against you. The emotions were rough to get through without crying, and I did cry. One of the roughest scenes was when Phoon was beating himself up literally and metaphorically over his decisions. That made me bawl my eyes out. Kudos to all of the actors in this, even the kid actors. They did an amazing job portraying the emotions and everything really felt genuine.