Counselling Careers

If you are looking to become a counsellor, there are several different careers and specializations that you may consider. Counsellors often work in a wide array of settings – even when in one specific career. Sometimes you may find a mental health counsellor at a hospital, police station, in a family’s home or in private practice. Depending upon your career choice and specialization, your counselling career path could bring you to all corners of the community you serve.

Types of Counseling Careers

Mental Health Counsellor

Mental health counsellors provide therapeutic support to clients faced with mental, emotional and/or behavioural health issues, such as anxiety, depression, stress, low self-esteem and other concerns.

School Counsellor

Professional school counsellors provide services to students to support their academic, personal, and social development while working with teachers, administrators and parents.

Career Counsellor

Career counselling helps individuals understand themselves and the world of work to make solid occupational, education, and life decisions.

Child Counsellor

Child and adolescent counsellors help children and teens with physical, emotional, or mental roadblocks that impede healthy development.

College Counsellor

College counsellors provide college students with a variety of supports in order to promote overall academic, mental and behavioural wellness.

Grief Counsellor

Grief counsellors support client growth from a profound loss, death of a loved one, debilitating injury, terminal illness, divorce, or other personal bereavements.

Military Counsellor

Military counsellors assist active duty, veterans and their families with mental, emotional and social concerns related to the military lifestyle and experience.

Pastoral Counsellor

In pastoral settings, counsellors combine therapy with theological training to offer patients a unique and integrated approach to sessions.

Rehabilitation Counsellor

For individuals with physical, mental, developmental, and/or emotional disabilities, rehabilitation counsellors assist them in leading fulfilling and successful independent lives.

Substance Abuse Counsellor

Substance abuse and addiction counsellors work with clients to support their mental and physical health in order to accurately provide holistic treatment of substance abuse disorders.