Call me by your name

Somewhere in the Northern Italy, we have the stars.

This is gonna be my whole mood for the next few days. We watching for the millionth time just to cry together. To fall in love with life, story, art & colors.

Outstanding, is the best movie I’ve ever seen. This movie destroyed me in the best possible way, with so much emotion, so much power, and its beauty in itself was just mesmerizing. This is no ordinary movie, this movie will release so many emotions, and I can’t stop watching it. Such a beautiful story entwined with scenery which is purely magnificent with actors who encompass the greatest chemistry, this movie is bound to stay in your head for months, I guarantee you that. Heartbreak, sorrow, joy, lust, all of it shown in such a powerful and indescribable way that I have no words to describe it. The ending of the movie itself left me in tears, and the very next day I rewatched the movie and I cried even more. Today, it has been 3 weeks since I’ve watched this movie and I can proudly say I’ve watched it 12 times already, and cried my heart out every time. The acting from Timothee and Armie is perfect, absolutely amazing, perfect in chemistry, in every single way. They make this movie 100x better with their acting, passion and chemistry- it’s outstanding. The music itself, the vision of Gideon, the mystery of love, love my way, all of them fit so perfectly that I can’t stop listening to them and when I do, I can’t stop crying. This movie will make you cry, make you angry, make you happy and grateful and one part which you should anticipate is a speech in the end, which truly was one of the best speeches in movie history in my opinion, truly heartfelt and amazing. I strongly advise you to watch this movie, truly the best romance drama movie there is out there hands down. Watch with a box of tissues as well. This movie… It’s just amazing and words can’t describe how much I love and cherish this movie, just whatever you do if you have 2 hours to spare, please do watch this, it will change your life in the best way possible and honestly, you won’t ever regret it.