A2 Psychology

The CIE A2 psychology exam consists of one paper:

The ‘specialist options’ are as follows:

Psychology and education

  • Perspectives on learning
  • Special educational needs
  • Learning and teaching styles
  • Motivation and educational performance
  • Disruptive behaviour in school
  • Intelligence

Psychology and health

  • The patient-practitioner relationship
  • Adherence to medical advice
  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Health promotion
  • Health and safety

Psychology and environment

  • Noise
  • Density and crowding
  • Natural disaster and technological catastrophe
  • Personal space and territory
  • Architecture and behaviour: housing design and urban renewal
  • Environmental cognition

Psychology and abnormality

  • Models of abnormality
  • Schizophrenia
  • Abnormal affect
  • Addiction and impulse control disorders
  • Anxiety disorders (phobias)
  • Anxiety disorders (obsessions and compulsions)

Psychology and organisations

  • The selection of people for work
  • Motivation to work
  • Leadership and management
  • Group behaviour in organisations
  • Organisational work conditions
  • Satisfaction at work