6 Ways to get the most from RelSci

The Brief

As January winds down and resolution season begins to ebb, we’re dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on our list of relationship and business development goals for 2015. Now all that’s left is to execute them. If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to get ahead on your list now, before workloads, meetings and conferences make it more difficult. Here are six steps from our recent webinar you can take now to get you closer to your objectives.

RelSci webinar

  1. Identify new contacts and stay up-to-date on current ones.

You should already be putting together a list of your prospects for the new year. Once you’ve assembled the potential donors, clients or partners, it’s critical that you stay up-to-date on milestone events in their careers—promotions, new companies, IPOs. These are opportunities to reach out, offer congratulations and start a conversation about what you can do to help them achieve their business goals. To get started, upload your list of prospects to RelSci, activate 360° Alerts, and you’ll never miss another headline.

Not a RelSci client yet? Get a sneak peak of 360° Alerts with our free iPhone app, MINE by RelSci.

  1. Know your hubs.

Hubs are super-connectors—the people in your network who maintain their own robust web of relationships and can make those crucial introductions to your prospects. Remember, a warm introduction beats a cold call every single time. So, how can you identify and leverage your hubs? RelSci’s Pathfinder tool allows you to find your best connections to your prospects, whether individual or organizational, through your own and your firms’ contacts. Upload your list of 2015 prospects to RelSci and see who at your company can provide that intro.

  1. Visualize your firm’s network.

Maybe you have an idea of the types of companies you’d like to get connected to in 2015, but haven’t narrowed down the list to individuals yet. No problem. The Discovery tool provides a simple but robust interface that allows you to see your firm’s entire web of connections to various industries, companies, even cities and specific roles. It’s an easy way to get a lay of the land before concentrating on the main players.

  1. Perform due diligence on prospects.

Before you meet with any new contact, you need to do your homework. What do previous executives at this firm have to say about the work they do? Who are their competitors, and how do they stack up? The Due Diligence tool allows you to search for and get connected to the kind of intelligence that can make or break your next deal.

  1. Secure speakers and attendees for 2015 events.

As you finalize your budget for events this year, you’ll want to start assembling a list of attendees and potential speakers. Use the Power Search tool to target specific demographics by location, title, donor history, alma mater—you name it. Create a list in RelSci, and then run that list against Pathfinder to discover the easiest route to each of these individuals. Pretty simple, huh?

  1. Make the most of business travel.

Business trips offer a fantastic opportunity to build lucrative relationships, so why are you wasting time on that $6 bag of candy in the minibar? Instead use the Visit a City tool to discover prospective clients, partners or advisors in the area. Search by title, industry or other criteria and plot your path to your new contact. Then, if you must, go back to the candy.