365 Days

Omg, this is something more than 50 shades of grey…

BUT 365 Days movie is like that bad boy whom everyone loves to hate but is secretly obsessed about him. Interestingly it has a similar character in it. You’ll either love it or hate it but definitely cannot ignore it. As for me I neither loved nor hated it but definitely couldn’t ignore it, especially after reading such varied responses. It’s purely fantasy erotica, so please leave all realism behind when you watch. Else you may hate it. But if you just want to have a good time pass or unwind yourselves from a hectic day then you may go ahead. But let me warn you that there are some really intense sex scenes (which were a bit exaggerated to be honest) so if you are not with the right company then it can get really uncomfortable lol. Watch it with an open mind, and leave your brains behind.

CONS – It’s more about lust than love. The build-up to love is rather weak and unconvincing. The director tried really hard to portray the male protagonist as this filthy rich, bad, quintessential alpha male, a beauty and beast type of love story which we’ve seen many times before (50 shades Trilogy). The sex scenes were very explicit (but if it’s as per your taste then fine) which seemed to be the main motto of this movie, to attract the audience. The storyline seemed a bit weak in the beginning but builds up later.

PROS – The hero is hot. The songs are catchy. There’s this one particular scene that was quite nail-biting. (*SPOILER ALERT* when he ties up her hands and legs on d bed and shows her a demo of what he expects her to do to him. As he approaches her he has this menacing look on his face, which actually made me very nervous for her lol. The suspense was real! I actually thought he’ll eat her up or something lol. It was very well shot.)

Ok, now coming to the main topic for which this movie received flak, which is the glorification of TOXIC MASCULINITY. Although I did find traces of it, to be honest what I realized was this ‘glorification’ happens mostly in the mind. This is pure fantasy with no ounce of realism in it and you know that. You can either watch it with the lens of realism and trash it all you want. Or you can just have a good time pass and forget about it. There’s a fine line. I don’t support toxic masculinity in any way, and I did find it in this movie & for the same reason, I wouldn’t recommend this movie to young girls who can easily fall into the trap of believing toxic masculinity as something desirable that it clearly isn’t, who think this is how guys should be like or what real love is. If you are one of them then please stay away from such movies. This movie is purely for entertainment purposes and for those who are mature enough to not take it seriously, who can differentiate between reel and real, basically who can just watch with an open mind, enjoy and then forget about  it (and not swoon over it or make a big deal).